Etiquette of the Krewe

Main Tenants

  • Be nice or leave.
  • We follow the black veils. Crescent Halo Vampires recognize and respect the importance of the veils on vampire culture and community.
  • We do not abide rudeness


  • Show honor and respect to all individuals. Treat everyone like they are the most important person you've ever met. You don't do know who you may be speaking to. 
  • Every person is always met with common courtesy and manners.
  • Open Communication is not only encouraged but required from ALL members of the Krewe. We are all adults here. Act like it.
  •  Guests of the Krewe must uphold the same standards and Krewe will be held accountable for their own actions as well as their guests. If you misconduct yourselves, you will be asked to leave.
  • All issues or problems that arise will be conducted in a private manner. At no point do we embarrass or publicly shame any of our members or their guests.
  • If an event requires a dress code, all members are to adhere to the standards, regardless of position.
  • Respect privacy of all members and their personal lives. 
  • Have fun!


  • Safety first. Always.
  • When we host events, our guests are first, we are second. Their needs are met before ours.
  • If the event has food, NEVER allow a guest to go hungry. Your Grandmother would be disappointed in you.
  • If you see someone alone and uncomfortable, please try to initiate conversation in a warm and welcoming manner.
  • Always check that our guests are having a good time and see if your are able to ehance their experience. Memories matter.
  • Do not disparage other people's hobbies or interests. We are never in a position to judge.
  • Consent is key. Never pressure anyone to do anything they do wan't to, regardless how harmless the action may be.
  • Everyone boundaries will differ, especially from your own. Always respect them.
  • Graciously accept the word no.
  • We do not condone any kind of harassment or bullying at any time. Period. End of discussion. You will be asked to leave the event and further action may be taken.
  • If at any point you are uncomfortable or feel you can't handle a situation, please find a Krewe member will be able to help as soon as possible.

Krewe Expectations

  • Please be patient and understanding with those not from here. 
  • Always repesent the city and its culture in a positive light.
  • You represent Sabertooth to the city of New Orleans at all times. You represent the city to the world. Act like it.
  • Education is advantageous. Its ok if you aren't from here, not everyone can be so lucky, but you should learn about the area you are representing. You are an always ambassador.
  • Respect the traditions of the culture and people around you. Many of these are going on being centuries old and are the very fabric of this society. That society is what supports us.

Dress Code Guidelines

Black Tie- This is usually the kind of dress code you’ll be given for Endless Nights or special events. Men should wear a tuxedo with a bow tie, cummerbund, and a nice pair of leather dress shoes. Ladies should wear a floor length dress, typically an evening gown or a ballgown, dark colors are recommended.  Victorian evening wear, court style gowns, high fashion goth encouraged.

Semi Formal-  Men at least wear a darker colored suit and tie or button down shirt with encouraged vest, ascot and jacket. Ladies wear a knee length to tea length style dress, dress shoes expected. Black always recommended. Victorian goth, roaring 20's, high fashion goth encouraged.

Cocktail Attire-  Men should wear dark button down shirts (with or without a tie), dress pants with dress shirts, and optional vest (most Victorian attire accepted) . Women should wear knee-length  dresses, knee length skirts or dress pants with a nice sweater or blouse, or go for the classic “little black cocktail dress.” 

Garden attire-  This means you should dress to impress, but consider the environment when you select your outfit.  For garden attire, ladies should wear wedge heels or flats so they don’t sink in the dirt or grass. Depending on the time of year, a garden attire gathering could mean light colored linen for men and summer dresses for women. 

Business Casual-  Generally speaking, women should wear a skirt or dress with a hem past the knee, or tailored dress pants with a button-down shirt or blouse. Men should wear dress pants or khakis, with a collared shirt and a belt. Referred to often as Corporate Goth in the vampire subculture.

Casual-   Essentially, this means that anything goes...almost.   You should still be dressed and avoid looking dishelved if possible. Leave the hot mess action to Bourbon Street.