About Us


Who We Are

The Crescent Halo Vampire Krewe was christened in October of 2018 as the first official gathering of Sabertooth Vampires in the city of New Orleans. We are a group of New Orleanian natives, locals, and transplants with a passion for the Crescent City itself, the vampire community as a whole, as well as the many other subcultures that thrive in the southern Louisiana Area. 


What We Do

We are far more than a social club or a costume party. The Crescent Halo Vampire Krewe strives to expand the culture of its participants through intellectual salon style gatherings, cultured culinary experiences, open literary discussions, culminating in the most impressive Sabertooth event of the year in our halo, Father Sebastiaan's Endless Nights Vampire Ball, the largest vampire ball of its kind. In addition, our Krewe strives to give back to the city that supports us, from shopping with local small businesses, participating in New Orleans area non profits, as well as contributing and volunteering in charity organizations that directly impact the Southern Louisiana Area.


How To Join

We have a monthly gathering, or moot, on the the second Thursday of every month, which is open to all members of the public to meet with and talk to members of the Krewe. Throughout the year we will also have open invite events to participate with the Krewe, and all tickets to the Endless Nights Vampire ball are non exclusive.